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"KAKA halwai = Delicious sweets :)"

Suraj Amate

"Yesterday i had a imrati and orange gulla at Kaka halwai,Bhudhwar peth ...tat was awesome ..well created ....thnx a lot , i enjoyed a lot while eating :):)"

Pankaj Malpani

"It will be very useful for customers if they can see picture of each snack and sweei item beside the name of it. ( i ate a item from your shop but was not knowing its name. it is cut pattice . i tried to serach on your site but i couldnt know the name of item. i could know about it only when i came at shop and physically identified the item. So do display the image of each item with name."

Sandhya Sarode

"KAKA HALWAI sweets are delicious,eye appealing,mastch..............."

Rashmi Deo

"Love the ras malai , cannot find such good ras malai naywhere in Pune"


"Kaju Gajak is excellent..."


"Tasty...... Yummy........... No one can be the Competitor....."


Kaka halwai is a brand in Pune, N Awesome Sweets******

Harsh Sinha


For Dealership and Trade Enquiries

We undertake corporate orders of all our products. Also we provide International Delivery of our products on special requests through our transport/logistic partners.